Private Lending

More Secure, More Reliable Investing Opportunities

If you’re not yet familiar with the benefits of private lending in real estate, you will want to become familiar with it soon!

Lending to real estate investors is a more secure, more reliable investing alternative to the stock market.  Your investment is backed by tangible assets which are insured, the maximum amount of time that your money will be tied up is guaranteed, and it’s very likely that the rate of return will far exceed what the stock market is providing!

Spotlight Property Buyers’ business is based on buying, beautifully renovating and selling homes at reasonable prices, right here in Colorado Springs.  We are always looking for private lenders who are excited to invest their money in real estate, and we are glad to see them make a substantial return on their investment!

With private lending you are in the driver’s seat and can be confident and happy about your great decision!  I am intent on forming relationships that will be long lasting, mutually beneficial, and profitable for everyone involved.  Let’s have a conversation today to explore how we may be able work together!